On the tenth day of Celebration, the Brethren Court gave to you…
Holiday hair colors
Double ship materials,
Double loot chances,

Free Moonstone codes,
Tattoos & Decorations,
Double XP,

Find-A-Crew in Lobbies,
All-New Voodoo Dolls,
Candy Cane codes,
And Better Moonstone Drops!

'Tis the season to be jolly, errr not Jolly Roger! 

Sorry about that, its a habit. I'm Flavio. Anselmo Flavio. I run the barbershop in Las Pulgas. We don't get many customers around our pesky little city so I got plenty of time on me hands to festively experiment with hair inbetween holding down me own against that devil Roger's undead horde. I loot lots of goodies from his cadaver cohorts as well. It helps me stay afloat when me usual business isn't as profitable as one might like. 

There I was looting what I could loot and grabbing up some nice bright green and bright red clothing but what would you know the color came out in the wash! And, clumsy me, I got some of that there dye all over me whiskers! Thank God, it washed out given proper persuasion. Then it hit me; why not offer my now patented discovery to my fellow barbers across the Caribbean? No sense keeping it to me lonesome especially during this time of giving! 

So, head on down to your local barber to purchase two new and one-of-a-kind hair colors that match the Christmas cheer! Bright Red and Bright Green, quite brighter and more vibrant than the St. Patrick's Green, this I guarantee!  Ye have until January 5th to get your hair done and loot for those moonstones too for that's when the Winter Festival holiday will be over. 

Merry Marauding, fellow festive looters!