On the second day of Celebration, the Brethren Court gave to you…
Candy Cane codes,
And Better Moonstone Drops!

Good to see you again, dearies.

I've just sent out a fresh batch of those Classic Candy Cane Sabres fresh from my oven to your scabbards.

My famous Green Candy Cane Sabre and Red Candy Cane Sabre are back for a limited time during this holiday event, so be a dearest sweetie and pocket these sweeties in your inventory before they're all gone. Make sure ye have room in yer weapon inventory before ye redeem these lovely codes I've baked for you: GREEN and RED.

It brings such joy to me old eyes to see such confectionery delights from my own secret recipe enjoyed by so many, so hurry and get 'em while their fresh for they'll disppear January 5th.

Until then I hope to see you all around the fire fencing away with your candy canes this warm winter season!