On the fourth day of Celebration, the Brethren Court gave to you…
Find-A-Crew in Lobbies,
All-New Voodoo Dolls,
Candy Cane codes,
And Better Moonstone Drops!

Ahoy, everyone,

This has been a long time coming. We are happy to announce that our Find-A-Crew feature is now live in the Lobby system. This was originally slated to be released earlier this year, however several issues arose with the feature that we had to resolve.

Find-A-Crew, as the name would suggest, was created to allow for crews to be created easily and efficiently across the Caribbean, regardless of your current server. There are many new categories in Find-A-Crew, allowing for players to find the exact group of players that they are looking for. Here's a list of some of the new categories:

- Land Looting
- Cursed Looting
- Regular Boss Looting
- Cursed Boss Looting
- Sailing General
- Sailing Materials
- Sailing Gold
- Privateering
- Questing

...and many more!

Finding that elusive group to join you in Cannon Defense will be much easier than before and we hope this makes group play a lot easier for many of you out there. It’s as simple as joining a lobby. You’ll be teleported right to the host and automatically added to their crew.

Oh, we've also added a new Walking Toggle feature. This has been highly requested! You can use the backslash key to switch between walking and running.

We really hope you enjoy this update!

Happy holidays!

- Damien