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System Requirements

Hardware Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 8/8.1 / macOS Yosemite1 Windows 10 / macOS El Capitan (10.11) or newer
Hard drive space 800 MB 2GB or more
RAM 2GB 8GB or more
CPU Dual-core CPU @ 2GHz Quad-core CPU or better @ 3GHz or higher
Graphics Card OpenGL-compatible card with at least 256 MB of graphics memory OpenGL-compatible card with at least 1 GB of graphics memory
Internet Connection Any internet connection Broadband Connection or greater

1. The Legend of Pirates Online may work on macOS 10.9 or below, but due to their age they are not officially supported by our launcher.


Latest Update

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5-20-2022 tlopo-pyp-v1.9.2


  • The door between Fort Charles and Port Royal has been opened!
  • There are now dedicated buttons within the Skill Page to view skills from other Voodoo Doll types - even while not equipping a doll of that type.


  • Adjusted the draw distance in building interiors to fix certain props disappearing if you walk too far away.
  • Barriers out past the shoreline of Port Royal no longer have camera collisions.
  • Cleaned up some props in Fort Charles.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Fixed various quest typos.
  • Hidden GUI is now stashed from the scene graph, improving FPS by only rendering GUI that is currently on-screen.
  • PvP potions are no longer consumable during the Muerto's Moon event.
  • Significantly reduce pointers in several heavy tasks, improving FPS.
  • The Crew Days news pop-up now includes Bilgewater.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Vis zone improvements.


  • Fixed a bug that caused some audio settings to not persist.
  • Fixed a bug that caused textures on gold piles in Cursed Caverns, Barbossa's Grotto, and various other locations to occasionally lose their transparency.
  • Fixed a bug that caused textures on the exterior of the Keepers' Headquarters to occasionally lose their transparency.
  • Fixed a bug with the Black Pearl and QAR loot panel where players sometimes couldn't use their weapons.
  • Fixed a crash related to audio on the High Seas (this crash happened regardless if audio was enabled).
  • Fixed a district reset related to parlor games.
  • Fixed a district reset related to sailing.
  • Fixed a floating enemy spawn point in Cursed Caverns.
  • Fixed a memory leak related to cannon balls.
  • Fixed a memory leak related to searchable containers.
  • Fixed a model bug where treasure chest models from Capture the Chest would not render as regular props outside of PvP.
  • Fixed some client memory leaks in the fishing minigame.
  • Fixed various vis zone issues on Port Royal.
  • Negative effects will now be cleaned up from your avatar when you are defeated.
  • When grappling a flagship it should now always face you instead of turn away.