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System Requirements

Hardware Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 8/8.1 / macOS Yosemite1 Windows 10 / macOS El Capitan (10.11) or newer
Hard drive space 800 MB 2GB or more
RAM 2GB 8GB or more
CPU Dual-core CPU @ 2GHz Quad-core CPU or better @ 3GHz or higher
Graphics Card OpenGL-compatible card with at least 256 MB of graphics memory OpenGL-compatible card with at least 1 GB of graphics memory
Internet Connection Any internet connection Broadband Connection or greater

1. The Legend of Pirates Online may work on macOS 10.9 or below, but due to their age they are not officially supported by our launcher.

Latest Update

6-9-2021 tlopo-pyp-v1.5.1


  • We've been hard at work on implementing and stabilizing some brand-new content into the game. We are so excited to say that we are getting ready to release Capture the Chest, along with another brand-new objective PvP game mode named Domination!
  • Here are descriptions of each game mode:
    • Capture the Chest: Ready yerself for battle! Steal the opposing team's treasure chest and take it back to yer own base. The team with the most treasure chest captures wins!
    • Domination: Capture and defend bases on the map to earn points. The first team to 1000 points or the highest score after the time limit wins!
  • Both game modes are available NOW to play on the Test Server.
  • Please report any issues you find with these game modes.
    • We want to get these released onto the live servers as soon as we can. The more feedback we get the better.


  • Modified PvP nametag colors to make it easier to tell who your opponents are.
  • PvP team coins will no longer show above players who are on your own team.


  • Fixed a bug that caused quest props, like the Raven's Cove mining elevator, to break all interactivity with other interactive objects after being used.
  • Fixed a bug where the cannons would sometimes shoot an ammo you hadn't unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from docking a ship if they were not the captain.
  • Fixed a common crash when sailing on the high seas.
  • Fixed a crash when playing blackjack in Adventure lobbies.
  • Fixed a typo with an internal model name.
  • Fixed dozens of issues where players could shoot an enemy player through a wall in PvP.
  • Fixed scrolling with your mouse in the lobby GUI menu.
  • Fixed some props that were placed in weird ways.
  • Fixed spelling of the Diplomat Shoes.

Known Issues

  • We are currently investigating an issue where players are crashing immediately upon reaching the pick-a-character screen. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact us at [email protected]
    • We are working double-time to identify and solve this crash. It has been extremely difficult for our team to track down.
    • This bug was introduced in tlopo-pyp-1.4.3.