On the third day of Celebration, the Brethren Court gave to you…
All-New Voodoo Dolls,
Candy Cane codes,
And Better Moonstone Drops!


Ahoy everyone,

Just as the team promised, we have a major update coming for the third day of the 12 Days Celebration! This post has a lot of information, so buckle up.

This update has a lot of important bugfixes, Quality of Life (QOL) changes, and a major change to the game as well. 

To begin, Kudgel has finally been fixed and will work for anybody attempting to do the Raven’s Cove Story Quest. There had been issues where he completely vanished and/or could not be targeted, all of those issues are now remedied. Additionally, issues with El Patron have been resolved to make the boss battle a smoother experience.

The “Last Seen” displaying improperly on player cards has been fixed as well. We thank all of you for the feedback you sent in to report the issue.

Fishing boats have received a lot of attention from our developer team, especially the crashes that they caused. Those crashes have now been fixed and will allow for a smoother experience when fishing.

The issue where a player would be transported to a “void” after leaving a Lobby has also been fixed, again we can not thank you enough for providing feedback on this matter. This was a particularly tricky bug to fix and it took a lot of time and testing from our development team.

NOW, for the QOL changes that I’m sure you want to hear about!

Feature: Random Bosses Adjustments

Random bosses will now drop a skull chest every time they are defeated. This was a highly requested change on the Forums and we have gone forward with it. We hope these pesky bosses are more enjoyable to fight now!

To go along with this, all bosses now have icons on the map to signify where they are in an area.

Feature: Loot Quality of Life Changes

Loot drops now have a timer to display when they will despawn. As you may guess, once the timer hits zero, the drop will disappear. Make sure you grab your loot quickly! Additionally, we have added a button to “Take Small Items” that will allow a player to quickly collect items like gold and collection pieces in one press of a button.

Legendaries now have a special sound effect when they are in a loot container. Get to looting to see if you can hear it!

Finally, but among one of the bigger updates this game has seen, we have the major Voodoo Doll Overhaul! This overhaul entirely changes voodoo dolls as you know them. I will let one of our resident experts, Huxton Murray, get into the fine details about all of the changes.

Feature: Voodoo Doll Overhaul

Ahoy folks,

Huxton here! I’m the newest member of the Crossbone Crew, many may have seen me visiting the Forsaken Shallows earlier this year, but I’m here now to answer questions and to add my assistance to the Crossbone Crew in my own way. With that being said, let’s go through the Voodoo Doll Overhaul.

First of all, let’s talk about the legacy Voodoo Dolls everyone knows and loves. This overhaul does NOT remove support for Disney’s original Voodoo Doll skills, including Poke, Swarm, Curse, Life Drain, and the likes. With the overhaul to doll subtypes, these abilities are still very much available through certain dolls that were made to fit this original skillset.

With that out of the way, our first change to Voodoo Dolls are the Bane Doll subtype. Originally designated under design as the “damage doll”, these dolls have been completely re-designed with damage in mind, specializing in attuning multiple targets and striking them down with a barrage of negative effects. With each target attuned, your damage is no longer split among your enemies, and the damage is increased by 5% per target.

Next on the docket, we’ve got Spirit Dolls. As many veteran players of TLOPO are aware, Spirit Dolls are currently distinctified by a hidden passive, increasing healing to double its original value on your Heal and Cure skills. With this overhaul, Spirit Dolls give up this innate double healing for a passive healing boost of 10% and a marginal increase to Voodoo regeneration per target attuned, as well as a whole new skillset built around assisting your allies in a classic MMO playstyle!

Finally, let’s take a look at Mojo Dolls. Originally a generally miscellaneous class of doll that was given any old skill mixed in with a defensive weapon or break attack skill, these dolls have gotten the most love in this rework. Mojo Dolls now fill in the idea of an MMO Tank playstyle, allowing players who utilize this subset to attune their targets and to manipulate the flow of combat by forcing opponents to attack the caster and allowing the caster to divert damage or reflect it back to the dealer. Each attuned target increases a passive damage reduction bonus by 5% per target.

An important note, skill points are specific to each doll weapon type (Bane, Mojo, Nostalgia, Spirit). Most of the new doll skills do not cap at 5 points, instead only needing a few or even just one. We will be cleaning up the skill page to make this more visually intuitive in an upcoming update.

For an extended breakdown of all 24 new doll skills, check out the update patch notes here!

- Huxton Murray

We hope you all enjoy this large update, it was quite heavy work behind the scenes to get it all ready for the holidays. There were a ton of brand new icons for each skill that had to be created, sound effects, as well as visual effects for the skills. A ton of credit goes to our developers, content creators, and composers for getting this all put together.

Happy holidays!

- Damien