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Beckett's Pistol

Discover the story of Cutler Beckett and his legendary pistol.

Posted in Tavern Tales by Cutler Beckett

Nov. 10, 2018, 3 p.m.

Hollowed Woods: Now Live

On Halloween, the forces of evil are too powerful to keep bottled up. The entrance to Hollowed Woods has broken open! Enter and explore, if ye dare!

Posted in Beta Updates by The Crew

Oct. 31, 2018, midnight

Pillaged by the Pass

I mustered the will to turn around and look at those fiends, and noticed that as they cackled and trudged forward toward us, their skin slowly dissipated away, revealing naught but bone and withered exteriors. The moonlight revealed a form that will haunt my memories 'til the day I die.

Posted in Beta Updates by Xavier Bartlett

Oct. 27, 2018, midnight