On the first day of celebration the Brethren Court gives to you... Better Moonstone Drops!


Happy holidays to all of you! It has become that time where the 12 Days of Celebration can now begin! We have a ton of very exciting things planned to come out as the 12 days event carries on, today is more of an appetizer to get us started.

We know many of you have been in the hunt for the elusive moonstones. We are here to help you in that hunt by providing some options for obtaining moonstones! Moonstones will now drop from Ghost enemies and drop more frequently. You can also find Large Moonstones in loot pouches and loot chests, and Enchanted Moonstones in skull chests and loot chests.

We have a lot more bigger and grander updates coming up in this holiday event. Be sure to check back every day for the next 12 days for more fun surprises!

Fair winds,

The Crew @ TLOPO