On the 8th Day of Celebration, the Brethren Court gave to ye... 
Double loot chances,
Free Moonstone codes,
Tattoos & Decorations,
Double XP,

Find-A-Crew in Lobbies,
All-New Voodoo Dolls,
Candy Cane codes,
And Better Moonstone Drops!

This here Celebration in the Caribbean has been a most joyous time so far! Today happens to be one of me favorite days as well. Ye see, with this Double Loot on land and sea, not only are ye able to find more clothes, weapons, materials and the like, but this allows ye to come sell all the extras to us Peddlers! We always give ye a bargain, though we up the price for the Navy swine who are lookin' for a special gift for their mums or lassies...shh.. mum's the word. *Wink*

Well, what ye be standin' here for mate? I'm not the town gossip. That be Delilah Dunsmore! If ye want yer Double Loot, ye best be getting to plunderin' and pillagin' before the good ole Brethren take it away. It'll only be here from Deceber 21st through the 25th, ending at 11:59pm, mate.

Get goin'! I expect to see ye comin' when yer inventory be full. Just keep in mind I will do me best to get ye to buy some of me wares, too!