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Primary Locations

Bilgewater NEW!

Bilgewater Docks Gruff Bilgewater townsfolk

Until recently, Bilgewater wasn’t much more than a whisper on everyone’s lips... This island was shrouded in a ghastly fog for as long as any notable pirate can remember. But just as suddenly as the cloud of mist appeared, it vanished!

Past pirates who've set foot on its shores report of townsfolk who are untrusting to outsiders. Most vendors won’t do business, even with a with a pirate that has a sack full of gold. However, if ye work to gain their trust, ye will be graciously rewarded by the excellent craftsmanship of these merchants. Be warned though! These townsfolk aren’t so gruff for no reason! This island be full of some of the most dangerous and frightening creatures any pirate worth their salt has previously set an eye on.

Only the most daring of pirates should venture here. For anything less, ye will encounter stubborn townsfolk and a certain stinging death.

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Port Royal

Port Royal

Governor Swann prides himself in saying that Port Royal is the most civilized colony in all the Caribbean, and on the surface, that may be true. However, denizens, thieves, and maybe even a skeleton or two lurk in the shadows.

On the docks of Port Royal, you can find anything an aspiring sailor (or pirate) might need, but watch your step. The Royal Navy makes sure to keep the prestigious Fort Charles and the Governor’s Mansionwell guarded. However, if you’ve had even a little training in the art of the sword, you shouldn’t have too much trouble…

Port Royal is also home to a host of jungle creatures if ye venture far enough beyond town. This is where the real danger is. Beyond the Navy’s territory, Jolly Roger’s skeleton army runs rampant, not to mention the assortment of wild beasts…



Tortuga is the island most pirates call home. While the Navy and EITC still have a small presence on the island, it is essentially nonexistent. Pirates can be wild and free, just like they were meant to be.

Perhaps the most famous spot on Tortuga is the Faithful Bride tavern. Many a pirate has sung a shanty or gotten into a brawl within its walls. It’s also the favorite watering hole of a certain captain of the Black Pearl...

Despite being a pirate port, Tortuga also supports a variety of honest shopkeepers and townsfolk looking for your business. It’s also a great spot to pick up odd jobs if you’re looking for some extra gold and lucky sea turtles, savvy?

Padres Del Fuego

Padres del Fuego

If you want to add a little danger to your pirating adventures, look no further than Padres Del Fuego. Over centuries, colonists have tried to settle down on the island with little success until recently. Legends used to say the island’s volcano was untamable. And while that much is still true, a variety of citizens somehow inhabit Padres’ beaches happily amongst the Fathers’ Fire.

The island’s vast network of caves are seen as a challenge to those who want to navigate the island. The EITC is also suspiciously mining for something on the island. Legends tell of a mysterious artifact hidden deep beneath the lava, but that’s just hearsay…

Padres has also had the misfortune of being hit hard by Jolly Roger’s army. Las Pulgas, once a bustling village, has been completely overrun by a group of skeletons, led by the infamous General Darkhart. Only a few citizens brave enough to ward off the skeletons remain in the town.

Raven's Cove

Raven's Cove

If you ask even the most skilled pirate about Raven’s Cove, ye’ll see that confident swashbuckling exterior wither away. Raven’s Cove is nothing to joke about. Many a pirate has traveled there and never come back.

After a brutal attack on the isle by Jolly Roger and his army, Raven’s Cove underwent a horrid transformation. Not a single soul survived. Legend tells that the souls of the dead come out at night, waiting to exact revenge for their deaths… on anyone who dares pass by.

There are also rumors that deep within the caves of the island, there lies dormant an ancient evil. But most caves are like that anyway, right? Right??????



If you're wanting a taste of the dark arts, Cuba is the place for you. Home of the mysterious Tia Dalma, pirates can immerse themselves in the power of voodoo, allowing them an arsenal of capabilities with the dark arts. Cuba is a safe haven for pirates and smugglers alike, the voodoo prowess of the island prevents the EITC, Navy, and Jolly Roger from docking here.

You can also encounter an assortment of exotic animal life here, such as alligators, fly traps, and bats in the swampy Pantano River. Pirates looking to relax will find that La Bodeguita is a welcome place to play a round of poker or blackjack.



The personal fortress of Lord Cutler Beckett, Kingshead is the headquarters of the EITC and Navy’s most devious plots. Pirates who wish to enter this dangerous citadel will discover an assortment of Navy and EITC soldiers defending the grounds.

Originally a Navy fort, Beckett has made Kingshead his own, expanding and reinforcing the defenses as he begins to create nefarious plots to bend the Caribbean to his will. Pirates who wish to interfere will be hard pressed to fight their way in, and escape with their life!

Wild Island

The Caribbean is rife with various uninhabited islands and specks of rock. Some used to be old hideouts for rum smugglers, while others have been completely overrun by undead. You never know what you’ll find.

From Outcast Isle, home of marooned pirates, to Devil’s Anvil, hiding place of the famed Captain Hector Barbossa, there are new adventures waiting around every corner. Just stay clear of Isla Perdida if you don’t like bugs...