A sailor arrived on Padres del Fuego the day before yesterday evening with an unfortunate look on his face. He had a fellow pirate with him that was covered in sores and had a face so gaunt there were shadows filling the valleys formed in his cheeks... the face of a man who had not eaten a meal in a long time.

They made their way to the Ratskellar tavern and sat down at the bar counter. The bartender approached, and the sailor asked him for a piece bread and a drink of water. Fellow pirates in the bar began to look on in concern and in curiosity of the emaciated pirate.

As the sailor waited for the bartender to fetch his food, he explained to the fellow customers that he found him on the shores of Rumrunner's Isle. He was trying to ask the man for his name and what happened to him, but was unable to get any information out of him.

There's only one clue to what might have happened to the man. On the beach near to where the sailor found the pirate, there was cargo scattered along the shore. Among the items was a crystal clear bottle with a strange paper inside.

The bartender returned and handed the food and drink to the pirate. Having overheard the conversation, he began to intimidate the pirate demanding for his name. The man took a sip of water and his eyes opened wider. He started to whisper unintelligeble words to himself, and turned his head around the tavern fearfully looking at who was present and where.

Suddenly, the man rose from his chair screaming; he ran from person to person in the tavern warning of a dangerous storm brewing at sea offshore of Rumrunner's Isle. Then, the pirate attempted to pull his weapon from his waist - but the bartender quickly smashed a bottle of rum off his head, ending the chaos.

As the grim pirate lay knocked out on the ground, the bottle was opened revealing a message inside... but no one in the tavern knew how to read it.

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