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This is the one-stop place to go to learn about all the exciting original new content in The Legend of Pirates Online!

Quality of Life

While our main goal is to get the game back into working order, we have been continuously adding more brand new content to the game! This page spotlights a few of the recent updates we've made - check it out!

Hollowed Woods

Hollowed Woods

What used to be a quaint mining town is now overrun by Jolly Roger’s minions. Every Halloween, the entrance of this mysterious jungle reopens and pirates are tasked with defeating The Watcher and ridding the jungle of her evil presence.

Throughout the duration of this event, different types of bones will drop in loot. Players can use the bones they obtained by visiting shops inside the Hollowed Woods game event area, each offering their own unique products to be bought.

These items are only available for purchase while the event is active, so if ye have leftover bones be sure to use them next year!

Quality of Life

Quality of Life

As the game has progressed, the team has made several changes to improve yer experience in the Caribbean. One of our first features was the introduction of the second inventory page, allowing pirates to carry more weapons and clothes.

Quest Rewards vendors also have made their way to the Caribbean. If ye have trashed a quest item in the past, ye can now repurchase it from one of these vendors.

Ship Captains can now kick unruly pirates off their ships. This feature was once only available to privateers but now is available for all captains to use.

Guilds have been expanded to include the new rank of Co-Guildmaster, which allows the Guildmaster to delegate several of their duties off to other prominent members in the guild.
Additionally, Crew Leaders now have the ability to promote other members to the Crew Leader.

These are just some of the changes, many more can be found on our release notes!

New Items & Expanded Customization

New Items

Many clothing items that were previously only available to male pirates, such as the Dark Ostrich hat, are now available for female pirates to wear!

We have implemented many more new clothing options, such as colorable bonnets and long skirts for female pirates; and colorable long coats, puffy shirts, and puffy shorts for male pirates!

All-new legendaries have been appearing across the Caribbean, The Cursed Blade of Yore, The Krakenslayer, The Lost Blade of Leviathan, Calypso’s Radiance, and Mercer’s Pistol are a few of the fifteen new legendary weapons now in the Caribbean... can ye loot them all?

New sleeve tattoos can now be bought from Nina Perpetua in the Las Pulgas tattoo shop on Padres del Fuego. Several new intimidating face tattoos can now be purchased from the SvS and PvP tattoo vendors. These are only available for the savviest privateers and PvPers, so be sure to rank up yer Infamy!

All new bright colors are now lootable. Ye can now make yer pirate inventory even more colorful to yer heart's content, savvy? The new colors are: Electric Blue, Bright Pink, Bright Purple, and Gold.

Forsaken Shallows

Forsaken Shallows

Forsaken Shallows is a new area that was added on Isla Tormenta.

Here, pirates can find many more challenging enemies to fight, including the brand new Spout! This new location also features several high leveled bosses, each dropping their own unique and coveted weapons.

Gather yer crew and find them all! And be on the lookout for any... unusual areas.



The long-awaited Pypperoni update is now live! This update brought significant performance improvements to the game, a full client rewrite to support Panda3D 1.11 & Python 3, and is our first official 64-bit Windows release. Pypperoni is a 64-bit overhaul of our behind-the-scenes functions, allowing for crisper graphics, improved frame rates and a much smoother gameplay experience.

Pypperoni is open source! Check out Pypperoni's GitHub repository to learn more.

Expanded Holidays

Expanded Holidays

To spice up the holidays, the team has made a concerted effort to make each holiday unique. The St. Patrick’s Day Quest now accompanies the green water, complete the quest and ye will be rewarded with a 2x reputation bonus and an all new sea charm!

The Yuletide Manor opens just in time for Christmas every year. Pirates can visit the Frost family and buy some very exclusive items in exchange for moonstones, which can be be found in loot during the holiday. Moonstones come in three different varieties, small, large and enchanted. Make sure ye obtain large amounts of each and buy as many of the items as yer inventory can handle!

Every Valentine’s Day, The Pirate Valentine quest reappears! But unlike before, the reward is quite a blast: The Valentine’s Heart Grenade. Visit Erin Amorous to embark on this lovely adventure and help Sid Tackem!

On the Horizon: Isla Escondida

Isla Escondida

Isla Escondida was the first major island created from scratch by the TLOPO team. We announced it way back in 2016, but have pushed its release further back in order to prepare. We want to make sure Isla Escondida is the best it can be, with new enemies, a questline, and more!

Check out this article to learn more.

On the Horizon: New Story Quest

New Story Quest

As we have mentioned in past Developer Insiders, our team is actively working on the next expansion: a new Story Chapter which will serve as a follow up to the Liberation of The Black Pearl. This upcoming update will include multiple brand new locations, weapons, enemies, and gameplay features! We will continue to provide more information on this as it becomes available.