Oh!  Well, hello there!

I’d like to stay and chat but just look behind ye!  Thar be a massive line!  People be linin’ up to get ther hands on these fancy new designs that just came in!  Pirates from all over be wantin’ ‘em on ther ships!

Ye can purchase 14 new sail emblems, all of them to yer likin’.  Ye want a star? We’ve got it! Oh, a swordfish?  We’ve got that too!  The skull of a cat with whiskers and crossbones made of fish?  Oddly specific, but yes, we’ve got it!

These designs have been made with the utmost care.  I even heard a rumor that some of ‘em be designed by yer fellow pirates!  Thar be more designs comin from these artistic lads and lasses, too.  Just not with me.  Tattoo Bonita will see to those later on…

And don’t just go buyin’ an insignia and go on yer merry way!  We’re also sellin’ 14 new sail colors, includin’ these five striped designs.  We may or may not have ripped off the Bounty Hunters and stolen ther’ designs… heh.  If ye want ‘em, they ain’t cheap.  They’ll cost ye an arm and a leg.  And considerin’ we be pirates, yer probably missin’ one of those already.  I’d make ‘em less expensive, but we Shipwrights must make a livin’!

That be all for now, mates.  See ye on the High Seas!


O’Malley, Tortuga Shipwright