Ahoy, everyone!

Beta Keys are as rare as Legendary Weapons nowadays, aren't they?  Well, not today!  The Crew has designed a contest that will award 10 players with Beta Keys!

In order to enter, all you have to do is post one of the following in this forums thread.  Please do not post submissions in the comments on this page.

• A drawing of an item for the Keepers of the Code guild, preferably a key.  The winner will be given a Beta Key and their drawing will become both a sail emblem and a tattoo that will be shown off by Game Masters in-game!  The other 4 winners will also win a key.  The drawing must be in black and white.

• Tell us about a funny experience you’ve had in-game!  Make us cry from laughter!  300 words maximum or a video no longer than 3 minutes.

Original works only. Images or stories from a secondary source, exact or edited, will disqualify the contestant.

5 winners will be chosen for both the drawing contest and the story.  Accounts with serious or repeat violations of our Terms of Service are ineligible.

The deadline for submission is June 22nd, 2017.  Winners will be announced on June 24th!


Good luck, mateys!

The Crew @ TLOPO