Hello, pirates,

I hope you enjoyed my last letter and have had time to contemplate what it could mean.  I will get to that in time, but first… allow me to explain a guild that is drenched in history.  I’ll keep it simple, but it may take a few letters nonetheless, so be on the lookout.

Oh, and before we begin, allow me to say this: I do not intend to help you pirates with your journeys, but merely observe and interact from a distance to see if you can help us.  You will see why in time, but for now…

This tale starts with the legendary Pirata Codex, and the first Keeper of the Code.  The first Keeper was largely a force in his own right, hardly defied by even the most vile pirate.  In the end, however, he was still a pirate, and a pirate can only go so far without a guild in these vast and unforgiving waters.

To remedy this, the Keeper created a guild that would largely work in the shadows for him, helping establish the Brethren Court’s law across the Caribbean.  The name was simple and to the point: Keepers of the Code…

The ages passed as the guild grew in strength, and yet they never lifted a finger to uphold the code.  The funniest part was their method of upholding pirate law: By gaining vast amounts of wealth and power without breaking even a single law of the code; it showed pirates everywhere that adhering to the code was their best choice in surviving and growing their personal wealth.

And so, while not holding anyone accountable, the guild became a force that sealed the code in place for all of pirate kind.  From keeper to keeper it has passed, and with each keeper, an appointed guildmaster to run things in their absence.

This brings us to more recent times, with the last guildmaster… Jeremiah Seastone, and the keeper, Captain Teague.  Words do not do my father justice.  Jeremiah was a man of such power and respect that even the most wretched of our enemies gave pause to his mere presence.

However, the next part to my tale is best saved for another letter.  The candles grow dim as I write this, and I think I hear the tavern slowly waking up.

Until we meet again, pirates...


Fair winds,

Alaina Seastone

Guildmaster of Keepers of the Code