You do not know me, but I would like to share this with you pirates nonetheless.  Though the letter is smudged and difficult to read, please, read the tale of a simple Navy Soldier, my husband.

To my beloved wife,

How do I even begin with this letter?  I could say that times have been hard for us inside this blasted gate.  I could tell you how dark it - get.  How about that between the constant waves of undead and stifling heat, I'm no - sure how much more my men can take.  How - I tell you the funny part?  We've no idea why we're even here, just that Jolly wants something...  good enough for us to fight I guess.

Our memories together is all that keeps me strong - days.  How I long to return home and be with you and our -, to make you happy once again.  But so long as Jolly remains within these - I refuse to leave, I won't let him have what he longs for...  whatever it may be.

You'd laugh if you could see me right now though, I must admit.  A member of the - who's traveled all over the - to fight pirates, and yet I'm sitting here with tears staining the paper as I write to -. 

I fear we may not last out - longer my dear...  I can't help but wonder if there's anyone that can truly stand up to Jolly Roger anymore.  How does one defeat that which is already - 

I wish I could write more, but my men are calling out for my help.  Take care my love, and may we be together -

Forever yours,