Ahoy pirates,

I hope this letter finds you all in good health. My name is Alaina Seastone, and I'm in need of some help! You see, my guild's run into some trouble as of late; where once we were a vast and powerful guild working in the shadows, we've now been reduced to a mere fraction of our strength by that blasted Jolly Roger and his goons.

Aye, that undead hooligan's been riling up our enemies all over the seas, and now our trade is lacking. There was once a time where information, secrets, and promises could buy you anything... lucrative on a good day to say the least, but these are not good days. Well, until you all showed up that is. Aye, we've been keeping a careful eye on you through your journeys.

Starting as a lowly pirate in jail, you were rescued by the infamous Jack Sparrow and made to help recapture his famous ship - and you did just that! A pirate like you is just what we need to stay afloat, and I'm willing to pay up for your services in the future. After all, I'm sure even pirates like yourselves would want to hear even a fraction of what we know, so I hope we may exchange services one day... Perhaps you may just hear some tales from us soon.

For now though, I leave you with this: Be careful who you speak to in the taverns, dear pirates. You never know if they may just be one of us...

Fair winds,
Alaina Seastone
Guildmaster of Keepers of the Code