Greetings, reader, my name is Valentina.  I'm a gypsy over on Padres, and recently I've uncovered some findings that have left me quite... rattled...

I've been minding my own, peddling my junk to pirates who find upon me, competing with Romany Bev.  Romany and I have always had a bit of a rivalry because of our location choices, but if there's one thing we gypsies have shared, it's our interest in Voodoo.  Lately, though... lately we've been having difficulties.

You see, gypsies all over Padres have been finding their trinkets missing as of late.  Started with just a few here and there at first, and we chalked it up to pirates being pirates.  That is, until three days ago, when our Voodoo Dolls started to go missing... that's when we started getting serious.  I took it upon myself to stay up very late one night, and what I saw left me a bit dazed.

A lone rotting minion of ol' Jolly, casually digging through Romany's wagon.  The nerve of it!  Lucky for me I still had a spare charm... weak though it was, I had more than enough Voodoo to finish off the minion.  By morning however, things started getting ugly.

Ol' Jolly's pets have finally gotten brave.  Now, those denizens openly ransack our caravans and take our trinkets and dolls before running back into the caves.  Even worse, we've seen a few Navy goons chasing those ugly beasts in there too..  Whatever's going on in there, it's surely nothing good.  Undead pirates and Navy are a horrible mix.

In fact, it's bad enough that Romany and I have set aside our differences until these thieving Undead are taken care of.

We've no idea what goes on in those caves but the Undead would need Voodoo for only one thing... they be searching for something.  Something powerful...