Ahoy pirates!

It's that time of year again, scurvy dogs! Pumpkin spice flavored everything is appearing everywhere and the Hollowed Woods Anniversary Celebration is just getting started!

We've been very busy over the past year working on brand-new content. From breathing new life into existing places in the Caribbean to creating entirely new experiences with new islands, game areas, quests, and more; there's lots to be celebratin' this season!

Event Celebrations

The Hollowed Woods anniversary celebration we all know and love has returned! The event will be open this year from September 9th at 12PM to November 27th at 11:59PM ET.

To accompany the opening of Hollowed Woods, there will be a Double Loot and Double Reputation event from September 16th at 12PM to September 19th at 11:59PM ET.

As previously mentioned in last year's blog post, we have shifted our priority away from developing new Hollowed Woods content and instead are focusing on developing different storylines, features, and other game content; such as the recently released "The Banking Brothers" Storage Unlock Quest and two new Story Chapters: "Search for the Headstone" and "The Keepers of the Code" released earlier this year.

Plans for the Future

We've been working hard to streamline the process of creating new content and have significantly reduced the amount of grunt work that would've previously been way too overbearing for even a small content expansion. This means we can now spend more of our time focusing on building even more exciting and engaging experiences that push the limits of what we would've previously thought possible.

With Pirates of the Caribbean Online's 15th anniversary and The Legend of Pirates Online's 7th anniversary this year, we've been thinking a lot about how games have changed in that time and what kinds of content is expected to be in a game today. We've also been thinking about what types of content would complement already existing gameplay and improve quality of life and expression.

We also have some insanely cool features coming together that we think have the potential to create new gameplay loops and provide players with an avenue to express themselves with near limitless creativity. We're really excited about these features and will share more when they are about to be released.


Earlier this year in our New Island and Story Chapter announcement and release, we discussed some of the overarching feature priorities we are working on. With the release of Inventory Storage Chests, we have crossed off a big item from this list.

We have been making significant progress on the projects we're working on and very excited about it. As usual, we are not announcing any release dates for when any of these larger updates are coming; but we want to at least let ye know what we have been up to and that we've been progressing.

Fair winds, mates!