You smell it, mate? It's a change in the wind. The summer months are waning fast. Ye can almost smell the scent of autumn fast approaching now.

Right now, we peddlers have sets of French Assassin and Red Baron garb arriving on the shores of Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres, Cuba, and Bilgewater. The French Assassin shows you're making a statement, not afraid to hide in the shadows. And for others, the Red Baron is a stylish, high-minded look of the refined continent. 

There's still sets of Spanish Conquistador and Solstice Sailor for those who want to hold onto the remnants of the last season. But, ye best get to a peddler soon mates. The August outfits will leave our shelves on September 30th while these newer outfits will be around until October 31th (Halloween).

Now, if ye excuse me, I got a lotta' boxes to stack.