It be summer here in the Caribbean and you know what that means! Hot weather and hot fashion.

This month's outfits be the China Seas Warrior and Caribbean Lord sets. Are ye a fan of fancy silk threads imported from the East? The China Sea Warrior outfits be the right fit for you and it comes in two variations. The original can be found on Tortuga, Port Royal, and Los Padres on Padres del Fuego. The alternate version can be found on Cuba, Las Pulgas on Padres del Fuego, and Bilgewater. If ye fancy yerself a Lord of the Caribbean, then the Caribbean Lord outfit be just what the doctor ordered!

A last reminder for ye freedom-lovin' pirates, we peddlers will still have the the Fourth of July outfit available until July 6th!

If ye find yerself looting Darkhart in Las Pulgas, stop by me shop and check out me offerings, they be slightly different than yer normal peddler as I mentioned above.

- Kat Repperson