It be that time of June again to celebrate our pirate fathers, but ye wouldn't guess which drunkard waltzed right into the Rowdy Rooster recently! It be Cap'n Jack down on his luck! He be lookin' for his dear old dad once again. From June 16th to June 22nd, Sparrow be givin' pirates a quest that earns DOUBLE REPUTATION if ye help him rescue a certain captain who so happens to be his father.

Additionally, we peddlers got a special outfit that many of ye fancy folk look forward to this time of year. The Father's Day Outfit be fit for a "Prince". Ye only got until the 22nd to pick these fine threads up, then it'll be gone again until next year! So hurry while stocks last!

So, before ye head into the Rowdy Rooster, be sure to stop by me shop! Take what ye can, give nothin' back!