Arrr! Listen up, pirate! What ya' doin' for yore Motha' this Mother's Day? Wha'?!? Ya forgot! Yore neva' too old nor too far away too honor her or wish the woman who brought ya' into this ol' world well this month! Ya hear me?!

That's right! We tattoo artists offer a whole line a' special art so you can show ya' mum how much ya' loves and miss her! Don' judge me, mate! It was me Mum's idea I become a tattoo artist. So, I think a' her everytime I puts down ink. 

Now, if ya' too much a' Momma's boy or girl to get a tattoo, I hear the Peddlers are offering a special Wildfire outfit during the holiday too. Ya can get it at any Peddler stand on Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres, Cuba or Bilgewater too.

Best hurry, Pirate. This art and clothes are only around from May 6th-11th.