Ahoy, pirate and welcome back!

Are ye here to square up yer rum tab as a gift of the season, eh? Or are ye still runnin' short on the shiny? Well, then ol' Carver's got good news fer ya! Right now during the Winter Festival, there's an extra metallic scent in the air mate: GOLD! And lots of it ta' be had!

Aye! This time a' year there's suddenly a lot more booty abouts, savvy? So, what are ye standing around here fer? From December 16th to the 21st, any gold ye find will be DOUBLED!

So, get back out there mate and fill yer hands and pockets with as much shiny gold coins as ye can get while the plunderin' be good!

Now listen here, pirate! Once ye have loaded yer pockets all ye can, ye best quickly square away yer debts - including what ye owe to me! But, ye might want to hold onto some of it for a... rainy day. Word is pirates might be needing some more of those coins in the very near future, savvy?