Ahoy pirates and Happy Holidays to ye scurvy lot!

The end of the year is nigh upon us and that means lots of celebrations and gifts under the palm tree! It's become a TLOPO tradition that during these days; gifts, fixes and all-new surprises are unwrapped as we look forward to the coming year in the Caribbean.

And this time, the first gift to be unwrapped is one of the biggest!

The 1.8 Update includes a ton of new in-game Quality of Life improvements based on player-submitted feedback and suggestions, a stocking full of bug fixes, and a mysterious NEW ISLAND!

A few of ye clever pirates may have already heard this new island's theme music after following puzzling clues posted on our social media profiles. And very soon, ye'll be able to come ashore on this never-before-seen watery oasis. Soon ye'll see what's all the buzz with Everlasting Falls!

Voodoo Doll Tweaks!

Pirates slinging voodoo with their voodoo dolls know how hard it is fighting to attune their enemies or their mates while in the midst of battle. Now, ye have the Attune Menu Options anytime ye're using yer doll!

Ye can select to attune Enemies-only, Allies-only, or All to attune exactly what ye're looking for. Please note, when using the All button the game will attempt to decide which ye friend or foe ye want to attune. This same menu also allows ye to choose to unattune only Enemies or only Allies.

What In The Name Of?!

The Shipwrights have added more naming options than ever. Ye can now create as many as 1,300 new unique ship names!

We have been thinking a lot about sailing lately! We've reviewed all of yer submissions and have been hard at work. We are going to be adding a customization feature that has been long requested. Check back very soon for more information!

Optimum Performance!

Our crew of coding pirates are always looking for ways to make TLOPO run smoother and quicker. Optimizing quests and things like task management, holidays, NPC townfolk, and enemy AI have all been optimized - that means faster loading, less lag spikes, and a higher frame rate when ye're adventuring around in the Caribbean!

Look for a detailed list of all the performance improvements, bug fixes, and other changes on the Release Notes page!

New Shores!

The pirate elves have been laboring in the workshop day and night to create a new destination for ye all to sail to. And this mystery island isn't just a spit of land with a few crabs scuttling around either... Ye'll soon have many new NPCs to meet, new merchants, new enemies to defeat, lots of new places to explore, and new quests to conquer! There's even more tricks up our sleeves too... but for now let's just say that ye'll be having yer pirating ability to lie (and sometimes to tell the truth) tested! Quite the gamble, ye say?