Awright, pirate.... she's all done!

I gots the cannon damage patched, the mast replaced, and the burns painted over. Yer special sea bucket here might not get so badly shot up next time if ye let me upgrade her for ya', eh? Let me tell ya. Better broadsides, thicker armor... perhaps squeeze a few more knots of wind outta'er with some nicer sails? Boy ye wouldn't even be able to recorgnize yer own vessel after I were done!

What do ye say? Because I say step right on up - now is the perfect time of year to do it, mate! If ye're willing to take some risk; rumor is bounty hunters and warships be carryin' DOUBLE MATERIALS from December 18th to the 21st.

So go get out there and plunder those extra planks of wood, bars of metal, and reams of cloth; then we can make this floating barnacle of yers into somethin' really special. After that, we can talk about fixing the rigging, adding ye a new emblem, and maybe even changing up yer sail colors too!

Oh and ye should check back soon, pirate. Something special is on the horizon... we might be getting something NEW in the shop to make sure yer ship a true scourge of the seas! Hah!