Yo ho, pirate! 

Looks like ye managed to stay one step ahead a' the jailer and outta' Jolly Roger's clutches for another year. And this time a' year reminds a pirate of what's truly important.

Not only did the Winter Festival bring a change in the winds by liftin' pirate's spirits; another change in the winds also brought a smile to this old face: DOUBLE REPUTATION.

Which means however ye come to it, by land or by sea, until December 20th, any reputation ye earn will be DOUBLED!  So, get back out there mate and fill yer reputation bars with as much experience as ye can earn while the grabbing be good!

Ye may find a purpose to having a higher level pirate soon, savvy?

This here may be the season a' giving, but you know The Code, mate.

Take All Ye Can, Give Nothing Back!