Holly Frost
Come in, dearie. We just re-opened the Yuletide Manor! Can ye believe it's already time again for the Winter Festival

Seems like just yesterday the family an' I were puttin' away the greenery and decorations. But we're so happy our favorite time of year has returned! Time to put behind any dark cloud behind ye!

The music of the season is in the air when ye walk through the towns. Even the surliest pirate feels a new winter wind in their sails. And we in the Frost Family live for that warm feelin' of the heart.

Aye! And ye know what else that means? Moonstones! From December 4th til January 31st, ye can find those special stones anywhere and everywhere in the islands! Get'em by defeatin' Ghosts, Skeletons, Navy, and EITC Black Guard baddies, who drop special winter loot pouches and chests. 

Ye know we Frosts love those Moonstones and will happily trade'em for special holiday items here in the Yuletide Manor! And them Peddlers just got in their winter garbs, too! Why, it makes me want to break out my noisemaker! Just type  /noisemaker in chat to use yers.

Ye should come by the Yuletide Manor soon. Eleanor has been practicing up her guitar for some lively tunes. Nikolaus has his tattoo needles all ready. And dear Leon is fussing about, getting everything all shipshape!

Of course, the ''Twelve Days of Celebration'' won't be long now. And every day they'll ye bring something special - like another holiday gift to be opened. Makes me feel like a youngun' again just thinking about it! Much is to be desired indeed.

Have to run now, dearie. I have to finish decorating! Get my treats in the oven! Tidy up the manor! Oh, so much to do!