Mhmmm... you smelt it, didn't ya? That aroma of fresh slow-cooked meat smoked over a proper pit fire, doused with vinegar and herbs? Your nose led ya' right to it, I bet! And this here pig ain't just good eatin', it's good for ya'. Works just as good as a tonic to healing what ails ya' when you're trompin' through the jungles or delving in the caves.

I should know, I'm the fellow who prepares these porkers for their final duty. So, I take some pride in picking the best.

But, that ain't all what it's about, mate. This time here, it's the Brethren Feast! On some colonies, they give thanks for their harvest and another year gone by. Here in the Caribbean, the Brethren Feast honors those brave pirates who fought back against Jolly Roger's invasions and protected the rest of us from harm.

Every night, we'll have huge bonfire here on Tortuga - lit daily from 4 pm - 10 pm Eastern. Sid Shufflefoot and Jenny Jigfiddle will get your feet tapping with lively tunes.

And the island peddlers have a proper Pilgrim Explorer outfit in stock, if you wanna' get dressed for the occasion. And to top it off there's a special holilday stove hat! Redeem code PILGRIM to obtain it!

The Brethren Feast lasts from November 21st to November 30th. That's a whole lotta' pork I gotta' be serving up for the roast pit and I got my work cut out. Here, mate... have a slice. Tell me what you think.

Not enough salt?