Hope ye all had a spooky time this Halloween! Been lootin' bones and weapons in thar Hollowed Woods and I had almost forgot to tell ye all about this month's peddler offerings! 

This here month of November we have the Barony stolen straight off the back of a real life baron of the aristocracy and blantantly copied thread by thread! If yer not much into the fancy purple and gold silks we have on offer the Classic Corsair for all ye modest pirates who want to look the part of an honest or dishonest sailor *wink wink*.

Mates, don't forget my offerings from October are still only available until November 30th and it might be a whole year afore ye have another chance at those popular garments. So come visit me on Port Royal, or me other peddler brethren scattered on Tortuga, Cuba, and Padres del Fuego.

I'll be seeing ye again real soon, savvy? Until then mates, take what ye can, give nothing back!