Ahoy mates,

For this spooky month of October, we have the Raven's Cove Mercenary found once again neatly folded in pristine crates aboard an abandoned ship set adrift off the coast of Raven's Cove. No peddler knows why this derelict ship comes and goes each year and no one knows who keeps restocking her cargo holds full of these spooky outfits after we keep selling out each and every year. It very well could be the supernatural for all we know!

And speaking of ships filled to the briny brim with lucrative cargo, this next outfit be best suited for all ye captains of mercantile background. The Merchant Captain is also back in stock this month.

Raven's Cove Mercenary & Merchant Captain will be available 'til November 30th. Ye can purchase any of these outfits from a peddler found on the main islands.

Keep yer eye out for the Garb of the Undead for it be coming soon!