Oi, mate!

Get over 'ere. Psst... I got some intel for ya! Jack Sparrow's always hangin' about at the Faithful Bride on Tortuga, aye? Well, I knows for a fact that he ain't there no more... he's on Port Royal, in the Rowdy Rooster tavern, no less. Me favorite spot!

Now, I'm sure yer askin'... what would a scoundrel like 'im be doin' so close to Fort Charles? Well, he be lookin' for folks to help 'im find his pirate father, Cap'n Teague! Not twice-cursed pirate father, mind ye! That'd be for one William Turner down in the warehouse. Just a regular ol' pirate father... as regular as good ol' Teague can be, that is. Just... don't tell 'im I said that, bein' he's Keeper of the Code and all...

I heard Jack's got a special reward for ya if ye help 'im out - some spell from Tia Dalma. Said somethin' about doublin yer reputation? But it only lasts a short while.

Oh, and one more thing. Bargain Billy be payin' me to tell everyone this... he and the rest of 'em Peddler folk be sellin' a limited-time Prince outfit from June 19th to June 22ndMethinks that's how long Jack'll be able to stay in Port Royal too, so ye best hurry up!

Best of luck to ye, mate,

Yellow Dan