Ahoy, mateys!

For this month of June, we have in stock the Amber Bandit, a flashy outfit in the color of Amber that will be sure to strike fear into those yellow bellied, lily-livered landlubbers who dare cross your path. Next, we have a classic of classics, The Diplomat for those who seek to be of the negotiatin' sort!

Lastly, concernin' The Diplomat! Peddler Monger Morton of Cuba and I, Kat Repperson, representing the Repperson Peddler shack here in Las Pulgas have struck an exclusive deal to be the sole two peddlers in the Caribbean to have an open-coat version of The Diplomat if ye want a bold new take on the classic of classics. Make port elsewhere if ye don't want the open-coat version and give your business for the classic closed-coat version to our fellow peddler competitors!

Look lively out there mates, hope to be seein' you all real soon!