Yuck! What's That on yer face, maTe? It looks like a catapiller!

If ye wanna do somethin' about it, talk to Olivier on the Padres del Fuego docks. Methinks theRe's someone near him that might be able to help.

This hairy situation is probably linked to allt hose hijinks that happen on April Fool's Day. If I wEre to wager a guess, whatever's goin' on won't last fer long.

Speakin' of which I heard from Peddler Phillip that he and his compatriots be sellin' a "fabulous" new outfit in honor of t'day. He made sure to mention that it won't be in stock long, and will run out by 12:00pm Eastern on April 3rd. Quite the conspicuous date. MaybE the other hijinks will disappear by then too?