Top a' th' mornin' ta' ye, mate. Aye, ye repairs are all done. Boat's as shipshape as a craftsman kin make her. No, I can't get th' green color outta' your hull. Well, can't ye see, mate? THE SEA'S TURNED GREEN!  

Happens every year 'round this time. Some say it just be a natural occurence. Others say it's some witty Irishman's idea of a prank to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Shamus O'Malley? Oh, I have heared of such a fella'. Folks used to think that peacock-dressed braggard is a kin ta' me. You can go ask 'im yourself about the green. He's over at the Tortuga Docks, offering pirates a "Luck of the Seas" quest. Wouldn' surprise me if he were behind this water-colored mystery. I can't say fer sure. 

But I can say, as Spring comes to th' Caribbean, nothing warms me Celtic heart more than to see all th' wearin' of th' green.

Peddlers are offerin' special St. Patrick's Day Outfits for both th' ladies and gents to look their finest. Best see one soon so they'll has yer size. You wantin' more green? Maybe some body art? Tattoo Artists can be puttin' green ink on yer skin with special St. Patrick's Day pictures like SHAMROCK TATTOOS. The Barbers are even givin' folks GREEN HAIR if ye ask'em!

Now all this celebratin' lasts almost a whole month, not just one day like in th' old country. But time flies when pirates are havin' fun, ye only have from March 5th til 11:59pm on March 31st.

Fair winds til' then. And ye' should think about paintin' the rest a' that ol' bucket ship of yours green ta' match the hull.