Avast, me hearties! 

A special time be upon us once again, a time of the heart! This month, from February 10th-18th, Valentine’s Day is being celebrated here in the Caribbean!

Be there a more romancy spot on the whole globe than the home of clear blue water, soft beaches, and sunsets on the horizon?

The Valentine’s Day Quest returns, so be sure to visit Erin Amorous in the Rowdy Rooster on Port Royal to begin. Earn ye’self a special Valentine’s Heart Grenade for finishing and ye’ can give Jolly’s boys a bang-up surprise next time ye’ see’em

Want to tell that certain special pirate how ye’ feel? The /flirt emote will be around for a short time so ye’ don’t have to find the right words ye’self. We pirates may not be an imaginative lot, but we be quite romantical times, eh?

Maybe don some special lovey-dovey garb from the Peddlers and put ye’ heart out there on ye’ sleeve… or skirt… or on ye’ hat!