Mates, our torment is at an end! Or is yer torment jus' beginnin'? HOLLOWED WOODS HAS RETURNED! 

There be a whole NEW QUEST to chill ye heart and shiver ye timbers in time for th' Halloween season. An' we can't wait for ye to DIG into it.

This new quest begins INSIDE th' heart of the Hollowed Woods itself! Ye'll find a huge NEW cave to explore, filled with new and more DANGEROUS enemies! But, there also be NEW WEAPONS to fight them with. And yer' gonna' need to keep yer wits about ye' as ye face this new challenge and more secrets DEEP inside th' mysterious village!

There be plenty a' NEW things sold by th' ghostly merchants there, too. Tattoos, garb as well as weapons. Hope ye saved up some bones from last time! 

But, don' worry there still be th' same threats and treats ye remember from yer previous ventures there, too. 

New to th' Hollowed Woods? Ye can undertake th' original quests by a visit to Anne Goldsilver and Richard Silveredge on Port Royal across from th' jail. These quests are available for all levels, but be warned - new pirates may need help defeatin' th' baddies ye' need to complete'em!

Hollowed Woods will be open until December 6th and is now LIVE! If ye call a cursed village filled with undead and zombified jumbees living.

Happy Halloween and Happy 13th Anniversary!

~ The Crew @ The Legend of Pirates Online