Oooh… feel that little chill in th’ air, mate? It’s not just th’ winds a’ Autumn that’s come stealin’. Th’ time of All Hallow’s Eve draws near.

Aye. Yer gonna’ need some new threads to ward off the chill and the darkness that grow stronger this time a’ year.

The Raven's Cove Mercenary outfit is returnin' to our shores. And a kind way to honor those who passed when Jolly Roger laid siege to the mysterious island. And be lookin’ out for some special pieces a’ garb that will appear closer we get to Halloween itself.

If ye’ not be one in the… spirit a’ things, this month the Merchant Captain also be returnin’. 'Tis fit for any pirate who plans to rule the tradin' business!

Raven's Cove Mercenary and Merchant Captain will be available 'til November 30th. 

An’ don’t forget - the French Assassin and Red Baron outfits will still be here til Halloween too if you’re still wanting to get them. 

Ye can find all these outfits from any peddler on the main islands, though I’d enjoy the company - bein’ so far away here in Las Pulgas. Stay safe, mates.