Ahoy mates, just got done setting up shop to bring ye all our new inventory for this month of September. Our first outfit be for all ye assassins from France. The French Assassin of course, a classic for everyone's collection if yer feeling fancy and stealthy, just be wary of anyone trying to buy ye a drink wearing one of these! Now if ye prefer a outfit that's more red and fit for a baron, then perhaps the Red Baron is meant for ye! If ye like hats bigger than yer ships, then this is the outfit for you!

We also still got last months outfits in stock, so if you're still interested in the Spanish Conquistador or Solstice Sailor, then best hurry, the August outfits will leave our shelves on September 30th while this months outfits will be around until October 31th.

Well, that's all I got to show and tell ye all for this month, but we'll be back next month with some new fresh fancy garb!