Ahoy, everyone! Damien here, one of the members of the Crossbone Crew! I am so happy to write my first post addressing you all, the community! Today is very special, because we have a brand new video for our Upcoming Content Spotlight series. Featured this time, the Muertos Mojito!

The Muertos Mojito was a potion that our staff team thought of some time ago during a brainstorming session. Essentially, we viewed it as a way to replicate the "PvP Glitch" of old, and allow players to fight on the islands across the Caribbean.

To use this potion, you have to brew it. There will be two tiers for the potion: the Muertos Mojito, and the Mejor Muertos Mojito. As you can guess, the Mejor Muertos Mojito has a longer duration that lasts twenty minutes, compared to the regular Muertos Mojito, which lasts for ten minutes. Both of these potions must be brewed on Cuba. However, we also are considering allowing it to be purchased from an NPC somewhere in the Caribbean. We need your thoughts on if this is a good idea, where to sell it, and by whom. Be sure to tell us in the comments below what you think!

We have uploaded gameplay footage of the potion, we hope you enjoy it! Keep in mind, anything you see on the Test Server is subject to change.