Come one, come all!

It be time to once again celebrate pirate freedom! This be my favorite time of year here on the Tortuga beaches - even better than when we have that bonfire and roast pork!

Fireworks lighting up the sky be the best part for me, but thar be so much more! For one, ye can visit me, Davy Doubloon, right here on Tortuga for a limited-time outfit! It be quite fancy too! Lotsa red and blue, sewn from the most expensive cloth out there - and I didn't pay a sent to get it - ho ho!

On top of that, ye can redeem the code JULY for a special Party Hat!

All of this be around for just a short time, so be quick about it! This event lasts from June 30th - July 6th.


Enjoy the celebration, mates. See ye real soon!

~ Davy Doubloon