Would ye take a guess at who I just saw walk into th' Rowdy Rooster? That's right, Jack Sparrow! Rumor has it he's looking for his dear old dad again. From June 19th to June 23rd Sparrow will be giving pirates a quest that earns DOUBLE REPUTATION. So what if ye have t' rescue a Pirate Lord in th' process? Easy right?

As fer me, well I'll be keeping my feet planted right here, I've got a special outfit avalible for a limited time--fit for royalty I'd say...it should be anyway, that's who it was made for! Ye can pick it up from me or any of my peddler mates, but only until th' 23rd, then it'll be gone again until next year!


So I'll be seeing ye real soon, savvy? Take what ye can, give nothin' back!