Whoa, pirate. Where ya think ya going? Nah, mate. I don’ see ya name on the list. If ya wanna’ get inside Black Mack’s Blackjack Shack, I gotta’ see ya name.

Yeah, I don’t care who sent ya. When Mr. Black Mack opened his new Parlor Games casino, he wanted to be sure the right types are allowed in to play Blackjack. Not just riff-raff and not one who’ll squeal to the Navy.

It’s a big room all right, with Black Mack hisself actin’ as host. There’s even music from Yellow Dan. Plenty to eat an’ drink, too. It's pretty posh in there and it's all secretly hidden.

Start with the Lobbies Menu (L) and look under Parlor Games. Then click "Blackjack." Once ya create a Lobby, ya can invite ya friends, crew or guildmates to join.Then, take a seat and throw some cards.

But, if I don’ see ya’ name on the list, mate… ya ain’t comin’ in!