Avery Consignment & Catering has been known as a legal vendor of items, textiles, fruits and other various good, as well as an upstanding and fine catering service. Now we're venturing into a new business...

With the state of the Caribbean these days, limits on the number of people allowed in a public group, we at Avery Consignment & Catering have decided to open our doors for in house catering and Meetups! When shall we be doing this, might you ask? Not yet, but very... very soon.

If ye be looking for somewhere safe for your guild, crew loved ones or even enemies to meet up for meetings, making plans or even settling scores, remember the name! Avery Consignment & Catering - coming to a Caribbean near you!

Ye'll be greeted by Anne Lowe and Catherine Harcourt with a smile. And I, Sally Avery, accomplished musician, will be serenading you all!

So, once we open our doors, come and have yer Meetup at Avery Consignment & Catering today!