Ahoy, lads an' lasses!

What a fine easterly wind is blowin' across the Caribbean today! Why, in fact it blew these crates o' apparel right up onto the shore, I swear it on me mother's grave! An' as fortuitous circumstances would have it, they're some popular garb too! We have the fine silk threads o' the French Privateer--a real head turner wit' that giant ostrich plume an' it's fine indigo blue colour.

But wait! This month we also have Capt. Black back in stock! These outfits lavishly embroidered in gold are sure to turn heads--an' if the clothes don't, the enormous hat will!

So me friends, if ye fancy yersef in either of these outfits, come pay me a visit on Tortuga! No really, buisness has been slow! I don't know what's wit' all the ships heading for Padres del Fuego lately but I swear one of me competitors is out to ruin me! Ye all don't want poor ol' Davy Doubloon to starve, do ye? No? Then fair winds, I'll be seein' ye soon!