Quick, behind ye! It’s JOLLY ROGER!!

Ha-ha-ha! Made ye look! What? Don’t be mad, pirate. I were just joshing ye, mate. 

After all, tis April Fool's! Can’t a girl have a little fun? It only comes once’t a year and only for a short while (April 1st - April 3rd).

Tell ye what, I’ll make it up to ye! With a little Redeem Code for a very special weapon. Aye! The code is… PATRON. Go ahead and try it (*giggle*).

And the Peddlers ‘round the Caribbean have a special April Fool’s Day Outfit so you can be as stylish and fun-loving as ME!

Speaking of me, if ye finds yeself in a CLOSE SHAVE (*giggles*) in the next day or two, come see me down here on the Padre’s docks. I may have a quest that can help ye… and help me have some fun!