Top of the mornin' to ye,

The luck of the Irish be on our side this St. Patrick's Day. First double gold, now I says it be double XP! The seas be green, and our pockets be heavy from all that precious coin, but I've cooked up another storm for ye to enjoy in celebration of such a lucky day, if I might say so myself, I say! From tonight until March 22nd at 23:59 EST, players will receive Double Reputation Points (x2). It be time to get busy, train yer skills and be ready to grind all day and night until ye waste away!

Ah, but tis' one more thing to remember. Double reputation now works with potion brewin' & fishin'. So, break out yer bowls and grinders and head on down to a potion table and get a brewin', and don't forget yer fishing pole when ye rent your fishing boats out on the great green seas.

Luck be yours truly, 


Event Details:

WHAT: Double Reputation Event!
WHERE: The Caribbean!
WHEN: March 17th to March 22nd