Bah. Hello there.

You know, the last place I'd like to be right now is here, telling you all about this "charm" on the Caribbean, but Tia Dalma told me to, so I best go along with it.

Tia was speaking with some bloke named "Shamus O'Malley" - no clue who he is. But apparently, he likes St. Patrick's Day... a LOT. It's not healthy, says I.

Anyway, I be meanderin' a bit. Best not be holding you here longer than needed. I have some potions to get back to.

Tia and Shamus made a special double gold spell. Everywhere in the Caribbean, you can earn more doubloons. But it'll only last 'til the end of the day on March 18th, so don't come complainin' to Bev on Tuesday that ye didn't get gold!

Now, get out of here! MY shop is in the red, and I need to sell some tonics!