Words of warning, me hearties,

The unlucky day of Friday the 13th is upon us in the Caribbean. Rumour has it that Jolly Roger's Curse of the Muertos Moon will remain active from March 13th to March 15th.

Now, if ye be unaware of what the Curse of the Muertos Moon is, I suggest ye listen up. When the moonlight strikes, anybody outside will be turned undead. It’s every pirate for his or her own self! 

If ye wish to remain safe during this event, I highly suggest ye stay indoors or sail while the curse is active to avoid the undead.

A little word of advice, grab some tonics to use for this unlucky day. It could be the matter of livin’ or dyin’! My store could always use yer business.

While that be some grim news, I also have some good news to bear. The peddlers wish to cash in during this haunting season and will have their shelves stocked with the Garb of the Undead. If yer wishing to look undead, this is the garb for ye.

Oh, and if ye feelin a little bounce in yer step during the cursed holiday, I highly suggest doing the zombie dance. A simple /zombie in the chat box will get yer bones dancing!

May ye survive,

Heartless Rosaline