Bienvenido, mi cuates! Pasa! Yes, this is it! Come inside! Welcome mates to my home, this is Casa Brawlvane!

I, Enrique Brawlvane, as former head of the mighty Zapatos Guild and your host, spared no expense, amigo! Si, la Zapatos! Surely, you have heard of us and our legendary exploits!

And now, you’re welcome to use my fine hacienda as a place to relax with your crew. Just find it on the Lookout (L) menu in the Adventures tab under Meetup.

No, sorry there is no bar here amigo, but for a few coins I would be happy to play you a song and… I… I admire your taste in boots, mate! Si! I am also quite the judge of well-made calzado. Who needs a drink when you have music and dancing?

You have to admit, a proper manor like Casa Brawlvane is a much better meeting place than some Shanty Shack or dusty Underground Warehouse. So, you really never heard of the Zapatos?