Psst… mate, over here. Ye looks like someone who knows quality wardrobe when ye' sees it. Step on over, have a peek. Feel th' finery. That be real craftsmanship. A pirate of th' world such as yeself deserves a piece of high quality stichin'.

This here be the Pirate Stargazer. Black as a night sky with fine yella' gold inlay. I'll throw in th' matchin' feathered hat if you buys it today.

Or, maybe a dark heart like yers would prefer th' Black Mutineer? Velvety an' pitch as coal. Just th' thing fer' workin' unda' cover of darkness. And that coat be just like wearin' armor.

If ye in a more… nautical mood, I still has some of The Helmsman an' Admiral items left over from January fer sale. Best hurry though, they be gone before ye' knows it. So, what ya' say? We has a deal?

Don' forget ta come back an' see your ol' mate Phillip th' closer we gets ta Valentine's. I'll has some special holiday pieces. I'll set some aside fer ye.

Ye' can find us peddlers offerin' wares on Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres del Fuego an' Cuba, but don' forgets me name, 


Peddler Phillip